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Shell in Garnstudio Silketweed... with little cables
:: about 5 inches of back

"Henley T-shirt for Women" from Knitting Pure & Simple in a rose 8-ply yarn from Heirloom Yarns for my Mom.
Poetry in Stitches cardigan in white Cotton Sport by Idena
body :: 100% complete!
arms : what arms??
Gloves from Homespun, Handknit in Rowan DK tweed (I think)
:: 75% complete
Country Socks from Folk Socks in Nature Spun sportweight (Snow and Charcoal)
:: 90% complete (still)

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(projects in planning stages) Finish writing up the pattern for the Cotton Sport cabled sweater and post it.

Cardigan for Dad from Maske for maske - ungdom og voksne by Mette Handberg.
click here for a picture.

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Fredag (Friday) 31. Mai, 2002  

Want an invisible seam on your sock toes or under the arms of your seamless sweater? Feeling intimidated by the kitchener stitch? Fear not! I have taken pictures!

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Torsdag (Thursday) 30. Mai, 2002  

Knitting sighted in movies and books.

I have the second Personal Yarns questions posted. Theme: elementary school.

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Onsdag (Wednesday) 29. Mai 2002  

Measure your feet, send it to the sock project and win free sock designing software!

Some of you my notice my counter down there suddenly jumped to a larger number, and it's because I reset it. It's a yaccs counter and it had been disabled... I was wondering why it seemed to say a similar (the same) number for several days, even tho I know you guys are still showing up! But I'm not cheating, I got the revised number from the site meter statistics.

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Tirsdag 28. Mai 2002  

The "T-shirt" sweater for Mom is zipping right along... or, at least, I'm quickly running out of yarn. I'm using size 5mm needles and worsted weight, and lots of sitting-in-front-of-the-television-because-it's-raining-cats-and-dogs time. I realize that making raglan sweaters from the bottom up does give the opportunity to look forward to decreasing, while I got tired of increasing on this one quite a while before it was time to slip the sleeve stitches to a holder. But I am enamoured of how the paired increases make a neat little raised line.

In other news, I did a bit of updating on the knitting gallery page today.

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Eatonweb portal has a new weblog directory category: Crafts. Go add yours!

My belated Monday positivity is here.

And I got my first "7 thing" from Shetha yesterday! I LOVE it! :O)

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Sunday (Søndag) 26. Mai 2002  

Falling back on Norwegian lessons when I can't think of anything else to post about:

Hvordan har du det? (vhor-dan hahr doo deh?)
:: How are you? (lit. How have you it?)

Possible responses:

  • Bare bra, takk! Just fine, thanks!
  • Jo... Yeah, well, okay, I guess
  • Just start explaining how bad you feel.

Knitting News:
started on something called a "Henley T-shirt for Women" from Knitting Pure & Simple in a rose 8-ply yarn from Heirloom Yarns for my Mom. This is the first time I've ever knit anything top down and I like it! More later... we're going to a (real) airplane show this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.

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Saturday (Lørdag) 25. Mai 2002  

Truth for the day.

posted by Theresa | 4:16 pm |   

Spotted through the Socknitter's List : knitting haiku.

posted by Theresa | 11am | 

Fredag 24. Mai 2002  

My Friday five are here.

posted by Theresa | 6:30 p.m. |   

As the festivities start...

Oh, my the narrators are speaking in a heavy (I assume to be) Tronder dialect. The wedding is taking place in Trondheim, in the Nidarosdomen. Here are pictures of the cathedral being decorated. They're using Märtha lillies...

3:36pm : Ari Behn has arrived... and his family.

Leave me a comment if you're watching! The links to the live broadcasts on are below.

Ari is sitting and waiting. In Norwegian weddings, the bride and groom sit with their forloverne by their sides, and after they kneel in front of the priest, they sit down side by side with the "best man and woman" sitting next to each other.

3:42pm : Lots of royalty from European countries are arriving now. The princesses of Sweden (Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine) got some really big cheers just then. They're so pretty!

Crown prince Haakon and Crown princess Mette-Marit are about to arrive. My TV shows things a few minutes before the internet.

The newly married Crown Couple of the Netherlands are there. I watched their wedding and it was so beautiful. I cried. :O)

3:50pm: Mette Marit is wearing a ice blue dress with a shawl of the same color. Queen Sonja, Haakon and Mette-Marit.

Next to arrive: the King's sisters and the groom's parents.

What cute little bitties!

King Harald and the bride are leaving for the church in a horse drawn carriage.

They're saying nice things about the dress. It had been speculated that it would be "shocking" but they're saying it's lovely.

There's a story about the Queen (not this one, but a previous one) walking around shopping in the city and someone asked a man on the street "But who guards her?" and he said "Why, we all do!"

4:01 pm : Sniffle. I should probably go ahead and get some tissues.

The bride has such a lovely smile.

She has a 90 meter walk to the altar. Whoa.

The groom has, "of course", not seen the bride yet today. SNIFF.

(The rest of my commentary was posted on the tagboard which is now residing in the right sidebar.)

Highlights from the Wedding in progress.

About the ceremony in English

posted by Theresa | 3:10 pm and onwards |     

From around 1:05 pm GMT you can tune in to NRK and join Her Majesty Märtha Louise and Ari Behn at their wedding which will be taking place from 2 pm GMT to 3pm GMT and continue to watch for hours on end as I plan to do on television...

NRK will be sending the festivities in Window's Media format and on two bandwidths:
Low : 28 kbps-80 kbps (modem and ISDN) and
High: 100 kbps-200 kbps.

Update :: Links for the broadcasts fixed.
If anybody's planning to tune in online, I would love to know about it! Sigurd's not interested in this sort of thing and I want someone to sniffle with.

Oh, and Becky and you other Europeans out there can watch on NRK International. ;O)

Time conversions:
2pm GMT =

  • 4 pm Norway,
  • 3 pm England,
  • 10 am Atlanta,
  • 9 am Chicago,
  • 8 am Denver,
  • 7 am Seattle

(Click here to see the wedding rings.)

posted by Theresa | 11:43 am  |   

Torsdag (Thursday) 23 Mai 2002  

The countdown continues! :: 16 1/2 hours

All the celebrities and royals arrive in Trondheim which is busy with preparations.

posted by Theresa | 00:42 am so technically Friday |   

I'm going to try something new: I posted a few questions (hereafter known as "Personal Yarns", thanks to Melissa's suggestion!) here for you guys to either answer in the comments or post the answers to in your own weblog. Let me know if you think this is a good way for us to get to know some things about each other! :O)

Deb suggested leaving the cardigan sleeveless and making another one with arms. There is a gorgeous wool cardigan in black in that book also....

posted by Theresa | 9:42 p.m. |   

Meet Woody. I just snapped this picture of him on the birdfeeder. He's so great!

For the record: here is a picture of what that Poetry in Stitches cardigan might look like without arms. I'm starting to feel like perhaps I don't really want to show my upper arms in public... but I also realize when it's about 70F and I feel like I'm melting that I'm rather accustomed to Norwegian weather and worry about how July in the South will feel. Hmmm...

A couple of links just for you, faithful reader:

The Australian Women's Weekly Craft Classics with for a dog jumper neatly labeled "DOG" just in case you forget what kind of animal you're walking... and check Elvis out!

Then there's Kim Salazar's (a.k.a. knitting goddess) knit patterns at wiseNeedle. Amazing.

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Onsdag (Wednesday) 22 Mai 2002  

When I did a search for the sinnataggen (see below), this list of the names of the Seven Dwarfs in several languages came up. :o)

I'm very happy to report that Woody the flaggspett has returned to our birdfeeder.

posted by Theresa | 1:12 p.m. |   

Countdown to royal wedding : 53 hours and 15 minutes!

Click here for pictures of the romance.

And according to the Aftenposten the wedding menu will be:

  • Ørret-tartar med friske asparges og porchert vaktelegg
    Trout Tartare with Fresh Asparagus and Poached Quail Egg
  • Kalvenoisetter med vårens grønnsaker
    Veal Noisettes with Spring Vegetables
  • Lun chèvre og Snøfrisk
    Warm Goat Cheeses
  • Vanilje-bavaroise med bringebær og grenadinesaus
    Vanilla Bavarian Cream with Raspberry and Grenadine Sauce

In other news, there seem to be plans for a American movie based on the "russ", a tradition unique (?) to Norway in which teenagers in their last year of high school go around for about a month, ending with a parade on the 17th of May, are set loose to do whatever mischief occurs to them, whether it be painting the sinnataggen blue, putting dish detergent into the fountains around Oslo, cruising around/crashing in falling apart vans and busses which are usually hand painted red or blue with names and themes .. for example "Ringnesherre" (the Norwegian title for Lord of the Rings was Ringenesherre and Ringnes is a Norwegian beer) and wearing these overalls (red for general studies, blue for economics/trade and black for vocational studies) that I'm not sure see the inside of a washing machine for a month. I'm torn between feeling like these young'uns really shouldn't spend a month being disorderly and wishing I had been a teenager in Norway.

posted by Theresa | 1 p.m. | 

Tirsdag 21 Mai 2002  

Whew. I ripped out just the V-neck border and redid it, picking up more stitches and knitting fewer rows and it worked! WHEW! It's blocking now.

In other knitting news, I'm debating whether to just leave the Poetry in Stitches cardigan armless ...if I'll be using it in July in North Carolina, should it really have arms?

Carolyn has a tag board up over at dangerous chunky! Whoo hoo! :O)

Found a cool knitter's blog : Silver's place.

posted by Theresa | 2:56 p.m. |   

Moose doo? Ewww.

posted by Theresa | 10.51 a.m. | 

Mandag 20 Mai 2002  

Argh. I finished up the vest today and the neck is too small to get over my head. I think I started the V for the neck too late but can't imagine pulling out all the arm borders and finishing and ripping back to before the dividing point. Argharghargh.

posted by Theresa | 8:12 p.m. | 

Søndag 19 Mai 2002  

The girls are doing garden work (removing dandelions and watering) voluntarily! :-)

Here is a labeled picture I managed to take last year on the 17th of May of the royals waving from the balcony of the castle overlooking Karl Johan gate, the main street in Oslo. School children from all over Oslo come and march in the "barnetog" (children's train or parade) and get waved at by the royal family, which I believe is the most delightful tradition of which I've ever heard. There are some closeups of the same day here.

And I'm almost to the dividing point of the V-neck of the vest I'm making of the last of my Rowan DK soft. I've never made a V neck. Any tips?

posted by Theresa | 8:12 p.m. | 

Saturday (Lørdag) 18 Mai 2002  

I absolutely love seeing Norwegians in their national costumes. I snapped some pictures yesterday so I could share them with you all. The bunad varies with geographical region, but it happens nowadays that people pick the ones they like the best. There is a history of the bunad at as well as a map of Norway with the corresponding bunads under "Bunads in Norway" which is at the bottom of the main Husfliden page. Enjoy!

I'll share some more pictures of Syttende Mai and us ... soon! (We're having a very busy weekend.) There's a little more about the day at, including a translation of "Ja, vi elsker", Norway's national song.

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Fredag. 17 Mai 2002  

Gratulerer med dagen! Hurra! Hurra! Hurra! We're having a marvelous day (still are) and I took a whole bunch of pictures of bunads, and I'll get to them as soon as possible. For now, you can see the royals (which we didn't get to see today) here. Sunburnt and all...

posted by Theresa | 9:50 p.m. | 

Torsdag. 16 Mai 2002  

(Well, this looks rather empty suddenly! The rest of May is there under Archives.)

Oh, boy... the Aftenposten says there are traffic jams and crowded stores today due to the coinciding of 17. Mai (Constitution Day) and Pinse (Pentecost, which is this Sunday) and we haven't been to the grocery store yet. Yipes!

posted by Theresa | 3:20 p.m. | 

Onsdag 8. Mai 2002  

Go check out Stacey's successful efforts to make me miss Asheville horribly!

...and the pictures I took while out shopping yesterday.

posted by Theresa | 11:53 p.m. |   

Whoa. I spent most of the day outside digging and then went directly to line-dancing and I'm exhausted. (Utslitt :: exhausted)

The whole of Norway seems to clean up all at one time, as soon as it gets warm and in time for the 17th of May (Constitution Day)... sweeping the gravel left on the driveway and neighborhood roadsby the gravel-spreading trucks that make driving in the winter possible. (Well, that and winter tires). And pulling weeds, planting flowers, washing windows, etc, etc. We're not quite part of the neighborhood around here for some reason. The road we live on makes a U and we're in the curve, up on a hill... so we didn't participate in Saturday's dugnad or neighborhood cleanup day. (I swept the road a couple of weeks ago.) But I did do a serious amount of weed removal (3 huge black garbage bags full) and planted some pretty purple and yellow pansies (stemor :: step-mother and the flower viola). Theresa (age 12) helped me rake the entire yard a couple of weekends ago without complaining and with only a small sum of money changing hands. ;o)

Knitting-wise, I'm working on the 7 things exchange organized by Shetha at the knitblogs group. So, I can't talk about that. We've gone to the model airplane club several times this week (April, by the way, broke all sorts of records for warm weather in Norway) and I've gotten past the heel on the "Country socks" and have knitted a few more squares for the ongoing stash-reducing crochet-a-whole-bunch-of-squares-together lappeteppe (patch blanket). Of course, it defeats the purpose (porpoise) to buy more yarn for this project, but I do it anyway. Oh, and I taught the daughter of one of S.'s model airplane buddies to do a knit into the front and back of a stitch increase on Saturday.

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Tuseday, May 07, 2002  

I won Squib's contest for the Vogue Knitting Caps & Hats book!

Whoo hoo! or... as the French would say :: Hoo de Whoo! ;o)

posted by Theresa | 1:40 PM |   

I was poking around in my sitemeter referrals and came across this N.C. college student's weblog which led me to a list of how to say rabbit in many different languages. Then onward to bunniest home snapshots "from the world-wide-warren where bunny visual journalists meet verbal anthropomorphiles."

I read Watership Down last fall and absolutely adored it...

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Monday, May 6, 2002  

I made a button today!

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Sunday, May 5, 2002  

Today is my sweetie's birthday. If you'd like to tell him "Gratulerer med dagen!", you can send email or leave a comment and I will forward it to him (across the room to the other computer).

<><><> Happy Birthday!

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Saturday, May 4, 2002  


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Friday, May 03, 2002  

New :: This blog snob thing, that I first noticed over at Echo's Oatmeal. It creates a randomly generated ad for weblogs that are signed up. Oh, heck, why should I feel guilty about shameless self-promotion?!? The 11,326 page views Bagatell has gotten has gone straight & completely to my head. Thank you all for visiting!!!

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My sweet man brought me a huge pot of lillies with 2 dozen just-about-to-open blooms yesterday.

Me (happily): "What's this for?"
Him: "Were you expecting it?"
Me: "No."
Him: "That's what it's for."


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Thursday, May 02, 2002  

Mom, didn't I have a Mrs. Beasley when I was about 6 years old? Do you know what happened to her?

Click here to hear Mrs. Beasley talk.

Buy a reproduction of Mrs. Beasley here.

posted by Theresa | 11:36:26 PM |   

Well, I, for one, am sick to death of these blogspot ads, so I went and got myself a domain name: I haven't made the move yet, but will soon, and since this page is being forwarded to there, you can go ahead and change your links and stuff ... :O)

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Wednesday, May 01, 2002  

Tired of ads on your knitting weblog? Becky is offering to host a few! (Limited space, inquire now.) ;o)

posted by Theresa | 2:08:02 PM |   

Today is May Day. Everything in Norway is closed, schools are out, businesses are shut down, but it's raining, so maybe the farmers can't collectively spread very ill-smelling fertilizer on their fields today in protest as they have in years past. I had no awareness of May Day before coming to Norway... is it something that is acknowledged where you are?

posted by Theresa | 1:23:24 PM |   

Despite having 691k of unread knitlist digests in my Inbox, I find it fascinating to be able to search the KnitU archives without being a member. Hey look! Meg Swansen! ;o)

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Made it up as I went along striped vest in Rowan dk soft
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