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Shell in Garnstudio Silketweed... with little cables
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Poetry in Stitches cardigan in white Cotton Sport by Idena
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Cardigan for Dad from Maske for maske - ungdom og voksne by Mette Handberg.
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(projects in planning stages) Finish writing up the pattern for the Cotton Sport cabled sweater and post it.

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Mandag 24. Juni 2002

Something for you to check out while I'm away from the computer for a couple of days: music my sweetie made at gromyko.com ! :O)

and then a new Personal Yarns!

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Sondag 23. Juni 2002

Whoo hoo! Finished the arms! Put the arms on! Sewed the arm seams! Very tired! I used a back stitch seaming thing for sewing the arms in and a crocheted seam for the arms themselves. I think it worked out very well. Likely because I took my time and was careful.

I've got lots to do because we're on vacation starting Tuesday. Which is why I've been so scarce. I have nearly all the laundry done, and I'm semi-packed. I have a list of things to do tomorrow. And I'm nervous. (= scattered and unable to concentrate)

I'm trying to figure out something to knit on the airplane. I'm thinking socks. On the swallow casein needles. With two colors. Rather like the ones that I didn't find the pattern book for at the library.

And I'll do my best to get a new Personal Yarns up tomorrow. And do the Monday positives thing. I'll go think about those things now.

Good night!

posted by Theresa | 11:58 pm | 

Torsdag 21. Juni, 2002

Finally finished up the one arm and am quite close to finishing the other. Can't wait to get this thing put together! Now, before I start doing that, I am not the most experienced finisher in the world, as most of what I make is knit in the round. The cast-on and cast-off edges of the sleeves must be sewn together and then the arms sewn into the body. And I want it to be as perfect as possible. I would love some help and suggestions!

(Oh, and I made a hat in the meantime. Just a k2, p2 for 9 inches then decrease thing...the yarn for it was on sale too...)

In non-knitting related news: I washed and waxed the car today, put Rain-X on the windows and Armour All on the black parts (what do you call that strip that goes around on a car?) And I have lettuce growing in my little mini-garden, the tomatoes are about 6 inches high (I have my doubts as to whether or not we'll see ripe tomatoes before the first frost) and the sun was setting at 11:20 this evening. Magical, this long summer nights. And the bumble bees are partying down in the roses. Bzzzzz...

posted by Theresa | late | 

Tirsdag 18. Juni, 2002

Poetry in Stitches cardigan arms update: I got all the way through with one of them and had the sense to check and make sure it fit in the armhole before doing the second 1/2 of the other. Naturally (naturligvis) it didn't. Too small. Rip rip rip. So I now have two half finished arms. Which is a good thing! (?) And I feel confident I will finish in time. :O)
Picture added to project page... click here.

I also got a picture of the Titicaca yarn and the small swatch I couldn't resist making last night.

posted by Theresa | 8:16 pm | 

Reminder to myself: Check the library for Strikk deg varm (Knit yourself warm) in order to make these socks.

posted by Theresa | 4:23 pm | 

Mandag 17. Juni, 2002

Went to take the video back while S. got groceries and did something I didn't mean to do: I bought 19 balls of a idena yarn called "Titicaca" 17 green and 2 a wine color for contrast for some vague notion of a long jacket with a hood for cuddly, cold weather sofa movie-watching. My excuse: it used to be NKr. 50. It was on sale for NKr. 5. You guys understand, don't you?

posted by Theresa | 11:18 pm | 

Feelin' loose.... I've just been doing some yoga, of which I've been plugging away on and off for about 2 1/2 years.
Result: being able to do the downward facing dog and breathe at the same time!

I have both Dixie Carter Unworkout and Unworkout II, because I really do feel that if she can do it, I can too. The Jane Fonda one is okay too, if you haven't been given the impression that Jane Fonda might be slightly evil. Yoga Journal: Yoga Practice for Beginners is also lying next to the VCR, but I find Patricia Walden rather intimidating and more than a little scary. Plus I find it hard to hold the pose while laughing when she goes on about releasing your eyes and softening the back of your throat.

I came across an inspiring list of poses at yogajournal.com a few days ago, which allows you to search for anatomical focus (such as wrists) and therapeutic applications (like carpal tunnel syndrome) both of which would be excellent for knitters, no? And child's pose is marvelous for stretching those upper back and shoulder muscles that get tight while knitting for long periods.

posted by Theresa | 4:38 pm | 

In further strange crime-related news, a Norwegian business owner offers thieves a two-month southern holiday, plus spending money.

posted by Theresa | 3:56pm | 

Fredag 14. Juni, 2002

"It was something special, throwing paper airplanes at police armed with machine guns." Context: the Norwegian police do not carry guns in this country and the maximum sentence for any crime is 21 years, no matter what the circumstances.

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Oh, for crying out loud. Now I read the email from the tagboard people that says the tAds will be discontinued, which was my main issue with the tagboard. But now I've become fond of the non-boxed in appearance of the chatterbox. Sigh.

I've also decided that I shall from now on feel more free to ramble in this space. So. ...

posted by Theresa | 12:11 pm | 

I feel like I'm going crazy. Yesterday wasn't Wednesday. It was Thursday. So, I'm changing the date on the last post. Oh, the joys of manual updating.

The tagboard vs. chatterbox voting is just about even. And my sweetie votes for the chatterbox. Kate brought up the irritating "refresh the page" problem. If you don't want it to do that, the solution is to use the popup window, which does what it needs to on its own.

Please note: This was not an obvious thing to do before I spent about 2 hours fiddling with it this morning! (i.e. Kate is not a dolt)

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Torsdag 13. Juni, 2002  

Oh, good grief. Though...hmmm... (Link via Gwen)

And did I say how happy I was that Carolyn is back? ;O)

One more thing: I saw this chatterbox this morning and can't decide which is better, it or the Tagboard. Enter your vote by leaving a message in the one you like best.

posted by Theresa | 9:44 am | 

Tirsdag. 11 Juni, 2002  

Hi everybody! I feel like I've been away forever... Sunday we spent sunning ourselves at a nearby lake, Monday we went to the model airplane field to watch S. crash a just put together plane (he's already fixed it) and then thunder and lightning for the rest of the evening... makes me not want to sit next to electrical things. ;o)

I've been working on the arms to the PIS cardigan after all... I sewed up the shoulder seams and realized I'd like it better with arms. I'm doing both arms at the same time and I'm right now halfway through.

I finished the Henley T-shirt and there's a picture up there to the right.

I bought yarn for Dad's cardigan (see WIP on the left sidebar) yesterday and cast on last night to see if I could get the right gauge (I could not). The yarn called for in the book, Telemark by Sandnes doesn't exist according to the 3 yarn shops I asked in, so I got pt5 sport that's a 80% wool, 20% nylon blend that was supposed to knit up to about the same gauge as the yarn in the book, but I had to go down to size 2.5 mm needles and I'm going to give it a try in the size smaller than I would have otherwise and see how it comes out.

I'm way behind on everything else, email and the knitblogs list, and reading what everyone's up to but I'll get there!

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Lordag 8. Juni, 2002  

New "desert isle" Personal Yarns up! I'm trying to keep a list of participants so leave a comment if you're answering! :O)

posted by Theresa | 12:21 pm | 

Fredag 7. Juni, 2002  

WOW! Look! The counter passed 10,000! I'm so excited! I feel like we should have a party, but unfortunately, I'm still spaced out on allergy medication... stupid grass pollen...

posted by Theresa | 6:18 pm |   

About socks...

To avoid ladders

Change the position of the dividing point between the DPN's by knittting 2 or 3 stitches from one dpn to the next every few rounds. Or use a set of 5 DPN's instead of 4... less stress on the dividing points.

To avoid holes at the tops of gussets

Slip instep stitches to a length of scrap yarn to hold while knitting the heel or single crochet with a length of scrap yarn over the stitches rather than leaving them on the extra needles. This will put less stress on those corner stitches which will prevent them from becoming elongated and causing a hole.

To avoid a tight cuff

Cast on loosely for the top of socks by either holding two needles together (or using a larger needle) for the long tail cast on method or using a larger set of needles for the "knitting on" method.

To make a better join when knitting in the round

  • Cast on an extra stitch, then knit it together with the first stitch you cast on when joining.
  • Move the last stitch cast on so that it is on the same needle as the first stitch.  Then lift the last stitch over the first stitch so that you switch their order.  Then start knitting in what ever pattern in the following order: first stitch, last stitch, second stitch, third stitch, etc.
  • Make sure you make the initial slip knot (if you're using a long tail cast on) so that it gets tighter when you pull on the tail, not the yarn coming from the ball. Then you can tighten up that stitch for a nicer looking join
The above did not, obviously, all originate with me. I've gotten these from the knitlist, the socknitter's list, the knitblogs list and woolworks. There's more, I just have to go rooting around and find 'em. Is there anything else you know of? Leave a comment!

Knitting report:: Finished the Henley T-shirt. It's washing now, and I'll get a pic when it's blocking!

posted by Theresa | 6:18 pm | 

Onsdag 5. Juni, 2002  

Vikings :: The North Atlantic Saga at the Smithsonian, Medieval Scandinavia and the Viking Ship Museum on Bygdøy.

posted by Theresa | 1:39 pm | 

Tirsdag 4. Juni, 2002  

Don't feel up to making your own Dale sweater? Buy one online at the Oslo Sweater Shop! (Or just drool onto your monitor while staring at the pictures.)

Quick WIP update: I'm almost finished with Mom's Henley T-shirt. Just an short arm and some finishing touches and I'll snap a picture. I did finish up the gloves (finally) and will get a picture up of those tomorrow. I also cast on for a small, carry-around project tonight at the model airplane field, while fighting off the mosquitos (mygg): a lace baby cap (just like this one) from Homespun, Handknit.

posted by Theresa | 00:45 am |   

Thanks to the marvelous Kate & the wonderful Jennifer, I recovered the posts for May 1-8. If anyone has the 9th-14th of May in their computer's cache, I would be eternally grateful if you send them to me. (See Saturday's post to to find out how to check your cache.)

posted by Theresa | 12:45 pm | 

Søndag 2. Juni, 2002  

MKaye asked in the Tagboard about the book Maske for Maske for Ungdom og Voksne by Mette N. Handberg, so here goes ::

My copy is hardcover and I got it at a local bookstore last summer. You can see more pages from the book :

  • Polarlys, a long jacket and cap for ladies
  • Vestland, ladies jacket with embroidery in the style of the western coast of Norway
  • and Dame og Herrejakke, one men's and two versions of a ladies' jacket (short and long).
You can also order it from Pinnsvin Design for Nkr. 245 or about 28 US dollars. I'll translate what they say about the book::

Her er det mye å strikke! Enkle vester, lekre ytterjakker, gensere, vanter, tøffe hatter. Boken utmerker seg spesielt ved at her er mange fine modeller for menn. Det finnes et par enfargete modeller, men de fleste er i tradisjonelt mønsterstrikk, men med spennende ny design! Oppskriftene er godt forklart med diagrammer i farger og med mye gøyalt tilbehør til modellene.
Here's a lot to knit! Simple vests, beautiful outer jackets, sweaters, mittens, tough hats. The book distinguishes itself by having many fine knits for men. There are a couple of single colored examples, but the most are in traditional color patterns, but with exciting new designs! The patterns are well explained with diagrams in color and with lots of little extras for the patterns.

The book is in Norwegian, but like it says, there are lots of color graphs and the pictures are quite good, several of the patterns have pictures from more than one angle. And Kim Salazar, of wiseneedle.com posted to the knitlist a few days ago that the next thing she would be working on is getting the Norwegian knitting terms (that I sent her) added to the glossary there! And I, as always, am available to translate. So, if you're interested here is the order form (in Norwegian) or a form (in English) to inquire about prices for this book plus shipping. (You'll have to enter the name of the book under "Other Requests" since it's not in the drop down menu.)

posted by Theresa | 12:45 pm | 

Lørdag 1. Juni, 2002  

Just so it doesn't get lost in the archiving: Kitchener stitch instructions.

I need help. (Well, that's obvious.) I have been updating this page manually and did a very silly thing: I uploaded the second half of May over the first half of May in the archives without having saved them. So, if anybody out there looked at the May archives sometime between the 15th of May and Thurday (or maybe it was yesterday) please, oh, please do the following:

  1. Set your browser to "Work Offline". (So your computer will pull up the cached version of the May archives and not the one that's there now.)
  2. Go to the May 2002 archives from the drop down window on the left side of this page.
  3. See if the first half of May is there.
  4. If it is, view the source. (If you're using Internet Explorer, right click on the page and select "view source".)
  5. Email the source to me at spellingtuesday@hotmail.com
  6. Be the recipient of my eternal gratitude.

Schedule for Today :: we'll soon be taking the bus to Oslo for Musikkens Dag (Music Day : free live music outdoors in 11 different spots in the city), then taking the boat from Vippetangen to Bleikøya, an island out in the Oslo fjord for to meet the line dancing folks for grilling and dancing and socializing for the rest of the evening.

My little "rain, rain go away" thing did the trick... there's blue skies and big white fluffy clouds this morning. We've been having lots of weather for the past few days... raining while the sun is shining and whatnot. Plus, being close to mid-summer, the sun is coming up at 4am and going down at 10:30pm.

Result :: we've seen some amazing rainbows for the past two days. I've never seen anything like the one on Thursday about 8:30pm... incredibly vivid, bright, Crayola colors. Unbelievable. And shining like it was giving out its own light. A little earlier that evening there were two right on top of the other and in a complete arch. And it's not that terribly unusual to see double rainbows. I think it has something to do with the angle of the sun here in the summer. You guys really should come visit Norway. ;O)

posted by Theresa | 12:09 pm | 

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