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Know how I mentioned a correspondence course in Norwegian National Nursing? Well, it arrived and this is some of what I have to understand in order to answer the first essay question that should be 750 words long.

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My dialect is 91% Dixie, ya'll!
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Yet I met a woman today who did not immediately recognize that I wasn't Norwegian. Whoo hoo!

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I'm a happy, healthy survivor of breast cancer at age 25 thanks to early detection by breast self-exam.

It is my most profound wish that all women, everywhere, do breast self-exams every month.
Here's how.
The most important thing is that you learn to know your own body and what is normal for you so that you can tell when something has changed.

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Tuesday March 30, 2004

And finally the stripey really-late-Christmas-sweater I finished a couple of weeks ago being modelled by its new owner. I didn't get around to taking closeups but I need to wait until I have sufficient sunlight. But hey! it fits!

Posted at 11:29 pm  | 

Heisan! Og dudliattentei!
For sola og deg og meg.

We spent the weekend in Fagernes, at the annual model airplane show on a frozen lake, which would have made really excellent knitting conditions if not for the wind blowing a million miles an hour, which makes uncovered fingers unsuitable for knitting rather quickly.

However, and despite the 225 sts on 2.5mm/US 1 needles, I got quite a bit done on the drive and while lounging about the hotel. The sun was marvelous once we got out of the wind and it's finally beginning to feel a bit like spring around here. Norway went to summer time on Sunday and the beloved hestehov are in bloom. And this little dompap ...

...was at the birdfeeder this morning.

Livet er herlig.

English translations pop up when you click on the Norwegian words. To get rid of the definition, just click elsewhere.

Posted at 3:26 pm  | 

Thursday March 25, 2004

During our trip around Norway last summer we drove through the little town of Dale. Guess where I insisted we stop? Yep, the factory itself! (Click here for proof in the form of some pictures I shot in a hurry as it was near closing time.)

I didn't go as wild as one would imagine, but I did get a nice supply of Dale Baby Wool and this pattern book (pdf file) which is available from Bea Ellis and which contains the next project I want to start.

This adorable set...

... will be for a friend who's due this summer.

Posted at 1:59 pm  | 

Wednesday March 24, 2004

How to make afterthought heels.

Posted at 5:01 pm  | 

Tuesday March 23, 2004

I have to say that I'm a big fan of the British version of What Not To Wear (can be seen on BBC America). I've developed an aversion to turtlenecks and am on the lookout for some slightly more feminine shoes for spring.

And while I'm on the subject, the UK publicatin of Stitch n Bitch is happening day after tomorrow according to this article which also says it's sold nearly 200,000 copies. Cool!

Posted at 10:13 pm  | 

Monday March 22, 2004

Two* of the winners of the 2004 Bloggies are knitters!

Heather of Friday Five (as well as Knittin' Knerd) which won for Best Meme and

Claire of Loobylu which won Best Australian or New Zealand blog.

Congratulations guys!!

*that I know of.

Posted at 6:27 pm  | 

Sunday March 21, 2004

Bless Microsoft .NET Passport Customer Support's little hearts. I got my hotmail account back!

Posted at 10 pm  | 

Saturday March 20, 2004

No change on the hacked hotmail front. If you want to reach me or you've sent me an email that hasn't been responded to, email me here.

Posted at 1:52 pm  | 

Friday March 19, 2004

My hotmail account has been tampered with, so if you've gotten an email from me in the last 24 hours or so, I'm not the author. (How annoying, eh?)

Posted at 10:08 pm  | 

Thursday March 18, 2004

Dad called to say he'd gotten the gloves which fit! (And he liked them too.) :O)

Posted at 10:50 pm  | 

Wednesday March 17, 2004

What do you do when you have a free Sunday afternoon, a sewing machine and some printable iron-on transfers, but don't have a scanner? Find the Stitch n' Bitch cowgirl knitter image online someplace and play with it in PhotoImpact for a while! Voila!

Click for a whoppin' sized image.

Posted at 5:07pm  | 

Monday March 15, 2004

Finished with another pair of gloves!

These are of Garnstudio's Angora Tweed and from the pattern for Good Basic Gloves in Homespun, Handknit.

There's a nice, subtle ridged pattern on the back of the hand which is just

k rows 1 and 2
*k1, p1* on the 3rd row
and they're on their way to their recipient.

One more thing: for anyone near Oslo, this article is worth reading. :O)

Posted at 6 pm  | 

Monday March 8, 2004

You know you've been in Norway too long when......

  • you associate warm rice pudding with Saturday and Christmas eve.
  • you think there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.
  • it seems nice to spend a week in a small wooden cottage up in the mountains, with no running water and no electricity.
  • you think that cross-country skiing is the only "real" skiing.
  • you know at least five different words describing different kinds of snow.
  • a sharp intake of breath has become a part of your active vocabulary.
  • your native language has seriously deteriorated; you "eat medicine" and "go and lay yourself."
  • your front doorstep is beginning to resemble a shoe shop.
  • you use mmmm as a conversation-filler.
  • you have only two facial expressions, smiling or blank.

Posted at 3:28 pm  | 

Tuesday March 2, 2004

She said just exactly that. Sweet, eh?

Posted at 9:53 pm  | 

Monday March 1, 2004

My youngest stepkid requested a pair of fingerless gloves last week and here are the results. They're made of a Gjestal yarn called "Reggio Exclusive" and while the random stripiness is intriguing I'm very disappointed by the blobs of darker dye in the middle of a length of one of the lighter colors. Makes 'em look dirty. But I bet you a dollar that she'll say : "Ja men det gjør ingenting." (Which means something like "It's perfectly fine, don't worry about it.") :o) Oh, and I used this pattern.

Posted at 6:53 pm  | 

Random thought.

I notice that Bonnie Marie is hosting a knitalong using this yarn. I just have to remark that onde in Norwegian means evil which is neither here nor there, except that it's rattling around in my brain.

Which may be because I caught a cold over the weekend and I'm not having a whole lot of cohesive thoughts.

Posted at 3:02 pm  | 

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