May 28, 2008 - Wednesday

The nearest book to me.

Amylin challenged me to that "find the 5th sentence on page 123 thingy" and here tis!

Important points to remember on stitching, trimming, and pressing are shown and explained for your benefit. The construction procedures for different parts of the garment and the individual versions are presented separately. A title in large bold type introduces each section.

The book is a 1975 edition of The Vogue Sewing Book that I picked up at a flea market. It has the greatest illustrations...

1975 Vogue Sewing Book

1975 Vogue Sewing Book 1975 Vogue Sewing Book

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May 27, 2008 - Tuesday

Dansefeber finale!

The semi-finale for So You Think You Can Dance Scandinavia is finished. You can watch the whole show here! Go on, watch! The top 20-something from Norway, Denmark and Sweden have been distilled to six. And four of the six that were my original favorites are still in there! (The other two finalists? The judges TOLD PEOPLE NOT TO VOTE FOR THEM, and they still went through. Grr.)

Those four are...

He and Mona were partnered the last two shows and really, if you didn't watch the whole show, watch this at least.

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May 24, 2008 - Saturday

Book heaven

I just ordered the following books from Amazon all at one time!!

Sewing books...

This one got GREAT reviews and is hailed as a "awesome collection of information from a thousand different sources on the techniques sewers have used since fabric was invented, to change the surface of an initially flat textile". Cool!

Stacey recommended this book highly over at the HoWR and I'm listening. :-)

Also well reviewed as a reference guide. I keep coming across sewing concepts that leave me scratching my head. And one reviewer said "ample-sized, crisp and clear color photos accompanying each technique" - and I loves me some good photographs.

Knitting books...

I'm a bit shocked that I didn't already own this - I mean, it's Elizabeth Zimmerman!

Clara! I love Clara! And Adrian's Norwegian Snail Mittens have been in my queue for ages. (Not on Ravelry? Really? What are you waiting for? You can see 'em here.)

Also a bit weird that I didn't already have this book since I already recommended it! Though, really, her page - though in Swedish which makes my eyes twitch - is soooo full of information. I can't wait to see the book!

And the grand total was $11.86 because of the referral fees from the Associates program.

How great is that!

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