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Birch on 17. Mai! Birch shawl
Design: Sharon Miller, Rowan #34
Yarn: Kid Silk Haze in Meadow.
Needles: 5mm
More pictures at Flickr
Mrs. Beeton Mrs. Beeton
Design: via Knitty
Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft DK (521)
and Kidsilk Spray (576)
Provided by: The best SP ever.
Needles: 4 mm (US 6)
Click for a larger version Flower Basket Shawl
Pattern :: available in Interweave's Fall 2004 issue or via Fibertrends.
Designer :: Evelyn A. Clark
Yarn :: Du Store Alpakka, 100% alpaca, color 143.
Used :: Nearly 100 g, single stranded.
Needles :: 5mm
Blocking :: The Harlot Method
Click for a larger version Clapotis
Yarn :: Brilla by Filatura Di Crosa, color 9554 -
approx. 175g for a more scarf sized Clapotis.
Pattern :: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert.
Needles :: 4mm
Click for a larger version Clapotis
Yarn :: 6 skeins of Noro Silk Garden, ordered from Pinnsvin Design, colorway: #8.
Pattern :: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
Needles :: 5 mm
More here.
Click for a larger version Click for a larger version Angora Tweed gloves
Yarn :: Angora Tweed by Garnstudio.
Color :: 06, Needles :: 3mm
Pattern :: Good Basic Gloves, Homespun, Handknit
For Dad's birthday, March 2004.
Click for a larger version Reggio Fingerless gloves
Yarn :: Reggio Exclusive by Gjestal (80% wool, 20% nylon)
Color :: 704
Pattern :: Available here from Vintage Knits.
On request from Amalie, February 2004.
Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version Harstad mittens
Yarn :: Per Tryving's PT 5 (80% wool, 20% nylon)
Colors :: red (541), white (501), light gray (504) and charcoal gray (?)
A friend at work gave me a copy of a mitten chart made up by her mother who is from Harstad, which is my husband's hometown. I can see myself making more of these.
Click for a larger version Grandmother Vinson's Little Red Mittens
Yarn :: Brown Sheep Co's Lamb's Pride, color :: Prairie Fire (M181)
Pattern :: Cast On's Accessories issue 2002.
These mittens were my first published pattern, made by reconstructing a pair of mittens that my Grandmother Vinson made for me when I was little.
Click for a larger version Clove Stitch shawl
Yarn :: Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride Superwash Worsted, color :: White Frost
Pattern :: available here from the KnitList gift exchange.
This was a Christmas gift (2003) for my mother-in-law. I haven't gotten to see her in it yet, but she wrote to say she liked it.
Click for a larger version Tweed Gloves
Yarn :: Rowan Felted Tweed (50% merino, 25% alpacca, 25% rayon), color :: 134
Pattern :: Good Basic Gloves from Homespun, Handknit.
Sadly, these gloves have now gone missing.
Click for a larger version Click for a larger version Rowan scarf
Yarn :: Rowan DK Soft (171)
Stitch Pattern :: Vertical Drop Stitch from Barbara Walkerís Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns.
The scarf is wonderfully soft and when washed stretched to an enormously long length which enables me to wrap it around my neck at least twice and still leave plenty on both ends.
Click for a larger version Click for a larger version Cashmere scarf
Yarn :: Madil's Vanity (80% merino, 20% cashmere), color :: 118 Stitch pattern :: here. This scarf was knit from a luxurious yarn that my cousin, Stephanie, sent me. I found a pattern in a book called Knitted Lace: A South African Guide by Jan Eaton that a Shirley, a Canadian knitter I met through Woolworks, sent to me but unfortunately the book is out of print.
Click for a larger version Cross Country Ski Hat
Yarn:: Gjestal Vestlandís Garn (dark blue) and some white mohair from my stash
Pattern from Homespun, Handknit (with some changes to the top shaping)
Setesdal mittens
Yarn :: the same dark blue yarn and some white stash wool.
Pattern from Folk Mittens
My Dad got the hat and my aunt Joyce the mittens.
Click for a larger version Norwegian mittens
I think the yarn may have been Dale's Heilo, colors 0004 and 0010.
Pattern inspired by Knitting in the Nordic Tradition by Vibeke Lind. The stars around the bottom and near the top are the same as the Setesdal mittens from Folk Mittens and the larger star is the Norwegian Selbu star.
I made these for myself and I wear them quite a bit.
Click for a larger version Two-end mittens
Yarn :: Rowan DK Soft (85% wool, 15% polyamide) Color :: 171
Pattern from Homespun, Handknit
These are made with a Scandanavian technique called twined knitting. Not a technically difficult thing to do but oh-so-time-consuming. These mittens were gorgeous and soft and a Christmas gift for my dear friend Carol who I believe may have them framed.

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