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Click for a larger version Click for a larger version Herre Jakke
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Pattern from Maske for maske - ungdom og voksne by Mette Handberg. Available from Pinnsvin Design (only in Norwegian).
The largest project I've ever completed. Started in the fall of 2002 and finished in September 2003. A gift for my Dad whom I love dearly.
The following three sweaters were all made from an unspun Icelandic wool called Plötulopi by Istex.
The patterns are all from the same pattern book :: Alafoss Lopi # 18.

Click for a larger version Pattern No. 18
Knit in a double strand of Lopi with White, Done in white, light forest heather, forest heather and forest green. Also with double stranded yarn, not fulled but still very warm. and with a wonderful halo. You can go out and roll in snow in this sweater and still stay warm and dry. (I've tried it!)
Click for a larger version Pattern No. 7
Knit in a double strand of the Lopi in dark blue, greens, copper, white and maroon. It came out way too big and was carefully fulled to the right size in the dryer while damp. It is very thick and very warm. Too warm for my cousin Stephanie, the recipient of this sweater, to wear in Western North Carolina except for on the coldest days.
(Note: this pattern has a few rows of 3 colors in one row. Good thing I didnít notice this until it was much too late to pick another pattern!)
Click for a larger version Pattern No. 22
My first adult sweater in Forest Heather and White. This one was knit with only a single strand of the Lopi before I knew better.

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