Hi! Want to know more about me? You've come to the right place. There's stuff here that people who've known me a long time probably don't know. If you happen to be one of those people, feel free to not mention any of these details back to me as I'm likely to get really shy about it.


I'm a happy, healthy survivor of breast cancer at age 25 thanks to early detection by breast self-exam.

It is my most profound wish that all women, everywhere, do breast self-exams every month.

Here's how.

The most important thing is that you learn to know your own body and what is normal for you so that you can tell when something has changed.

You can read more about my experiences with breast cancer here.

More information ::
The Breast Cancer site
National Breast Cancer Foundation
Young Survival Coalition

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100 things about Theresa

(written Sept. 2002)

  1. After this month, I won't be able to fool myself that I'm not really in my thirties.
  2. I can't believe that's true.
  3. My high school botany teacher gave me a paper towel with tomato seeds dried onto it, intending me to plant a few. Later I had about 150 good sized plants to find a home for.
  4. I make a mean rum-soaked pound cake.
  5. I wore contacts for a while but hate the way they feel.
  6. My cat, Spud (because she looked like a baked potato when she was lying on her back) had 7 kittens in my closet once. I kept 2.
  7. I drink coffee with sugar and milk.
  8. I have a BSN.
  9. Wine makes me very sleepy.
  10. I once was out of work for a month with pneumonia. The doctor said it might have been because of psittacosis, a bird disease.
  11. I frequently think things are purple when other's say they are blue.
  12. I love thunderstorms.
  13. I stopped watching Chicago Hope when Mandy Patikin left.
  14. I love the word "hominid".
  15. And I'm fascinated by wooly mammoths.
  16. I had breast cancer when I was 25 and lost all my hair except the hair on my legs during chemotherapy.
  17. Without hair my head looks like a big egg.
  18. I want to own sheep and a Border Collie named Fly.
  19. I own a spinning wheel, but have no idea how to use it.
  20. I can type fast. I don't know how fast, but fairly fast.
  21. I was a very shy child. I still am in certain circumstances.
  22. I want to travel to Ireland and Tibet.
  23. I lovelovelove to see my husband laugh.
  24. Music profoundly affects my moods.
  25. I injured my right, middle finger by sticking it into a vaccum cleaner motor Dad was working on when I was young (3 or 4?). I don't remember doing it but I have a very clear memory of the moment just before.
  26. I'm beginning to think snow may not be as fun as I used to believe.
  27. I love Skittles. All kinds.
  28. I hate licorice.
  29. I have lots of gray hair.
  30. I saw a movie on television when I was a kid about a man that got trapped on the side of a cliff and died. I was too young and it freaked me out.
  31. I don't like brocolli but I eat it.
  32. I would love to have an African gray parrot that could talk and do math.
  33. I can never remember if it's "grey" or "gray".
  34. I also have trouble with the word "chocolate". (I want to replace an o with an a.)
  35. I don't like heights.
  36. I own too many coats.
  37. I think Chanel No.5 smells like baby powder. (A good thing.)
  38. I think Meg Ryan is adorable.
  39. I have 30 first cousins.
  40. I'm incredibly proud that the youngest of them is in nursing school.
  41. I was a cheerleader in high school. (It was a very small high school.)
  42. I wanted to be a professional dancer. Like in A Chorus Line.
  43. I also wanted to be a jockey.
  44. I know almost all the words to the songs in The Sound of Music.
  45. I dislike the sound of my voice. I had to get used to it when working in a hospital where we taped reports to the next shift.
  46. My favorite movie as a kid was "The Parent Trap."
  47. I changed colleges once mostly because I would have had to take Public Speaking to graduate.
  48. I very clearly remember the first time in nursing school that I had to tell someone I was there to help them take a bath.
  49. That really help me get over being painfully shy.
  50. I played the flute in high school.
  51. I don't have my gallbladder, my tonsils or adenoids.
  52. I can't say I miss any of them.
  53. I don't like the taste of beer.
  54. I love the feeling of being underwater.
  55. I can make myself sneeze by looking toward the sky on a sunny day.
  56. I've never had a broken bone.
  57. I'm lazy and I'm not.
  58. I took piano lessons from my 3rd grade teacher who had a basset hound named Rocky.
  59. I'm interested in genealogy.
  60. I can't eat really spicy food.
  61. I like milk when I drink it out of a metal cup.
  62. I had wonderful grandparents and I miss them.
  63. I prefer Pepsi to Coke.
  64. I figured out what comes after O T T F F S S E N without any clues. It took me 2 weeks.
  65. I really like Jarlsberg now.
  66. But not Brunost, a brown goat's cheese. I think you have to have grown up with this one to like it.
  67. I have a good sense of direction.
  68. I don't like driving at night.
  69. I have a good relationship with my parents.
  70. If I sleep on my back, I have nightmares.
  71. Amusement park rides make me nauseous.
  72. I tasted some Samuel Adam's Crisp Hard Cider at Dulles Airport last October and LOVED it.
  73. I think Christmas is magical.
  74. I wish I owned more dangly earrings.
  75. I hardly ever wear makeup.
  76. I have green eyes with yellow flecks in them.
  77. I hate conflict.
  78. I'm a "winter."
  79. My Dad says he's seen a UFO.
  80. I love libraries. I thank my Aunt Lou-Lou for this.
  81. I believe in God.
  82. I prefer my drinking water to be room-temperature.
  83. The Simpson's cracks me up.
  84. My favorite book as a kid was Harriet the Spy.
  85. The movie was horrible.
  86. I miss being in school.
  87. I also miss the sweet iced tea at the snack shop at St. Joseph's Hospital, Asheville, N.C.
  88. I love living in Norway. It feels exotic.
  89. I feel very American when cross-country skiing here.
  90. I know what "paucity" means.
  91. I was 13 years old the first time I was kissed.
  92. I love to sing, but I don't think I sound very good doing it.
  93. I don't hate my feet.
  94. I am physically incapable of doing a sit up.
  95. I want to have a baby someday.
  96. I'm proud of being able to knit.
  97. I never wear red when I'm feeling sad.
  98. I hate snooty people.
  99. I love being married.
  100. I want every woman in the world to do breast self exams every month.

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