Back in April of 2002, I posted the following:
I pulled out the latest swatch tonight (the aqua colored Rowan dk soft) at line dancing class and got some attention from the other ladies, one of which said "hun gjør det annerledes enn jeg" (she does it differently than me) referring to the way I hold the yarn wrapped in a loop around my left pinky finger. Another borrowed it and started purling (continentally) in a way I have never seen before, then proceeded to stand behind me holding my hands and showed me how, which was a bit difficult since she's about a foot shorter than I am. (Which just goes to show: Not all Scandinavians are 6'2".) It took me a few minutes but I finally got it...
Here are the pictures ::

Insert right needle as if to purl.

Pull the right needle to the right, making a V with the working yarn and the right side of the loop.

Insert the right needle in the middle of that V (back to front and under the working yarn).

Then back into the loop (front to back) and out.

For newer pictures of this technique, as well as some other ways to purl continentally, please see these instructions.

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